Personal Training


Small Group Training

Promote maximum energy creation in your body through our integrative analysis, individualized program design and ongoing holistic guidance. Focusing on ‘How we eat, drink, think and move’ to create energy at the cellular level, every aspect of your personal journey is measured and planned with your current health and movement proficiency, your goals, aspirations and intentions in mind.

Our Certified Trainers keep you rooted in our mantra, “The Power is in Me”, as you cultivate life transforming techniques and practices.

Experience extraordinary individualized training within a small group workout–2-4 people– leveraging Total Gym and other functional equipment to maximize your personal results.

  • “It’s just a really quick bang for your buck workout.”
    Mark Gates, Austin, TX
  • “Huge impact. It completely changed my body composition, got me into training and I lost about 25 pounds just doing GRAVITY. I feel better today than I ever did in my 20’s just because of GRAVITY.”
    Dawn Dowsett, Davenport, IA
  • "I’m 64 years old, I have been doing it about 6 months now. I got a new lease on life.”
    Sara Vargas, Orlando, FL
  • “It gives you a burn and makes you feel you are working body parts you didn’t even know existed.”
    John Curley, Johnson, RI