Cross-Train. The Ultimate Fitness Goal.

Everyone has a preferred method and style of training and will display a tendency to gravitate towards certain disciplines within the GRAVITY Studio. Cross-training and participating in all our programming formats will provide increased gains over time according to industry research.

We’ve got five very distinct disciplines for each client to choose from, not to mention our revolutionary PRO:FORM personal training program, so it’s important to participate in classes and sessions from all our formats.

Why? Because all research shows decreasing gains for time spent doing the same activity over extended periods of time. Basically, if you keep doing the same type of fitness over and over, you will experience the law of diminishing returns. You will fail to receive the full benefit of your time and training because your body becomes used to the stimulus presented. It gets great at compensating for certain movement patterns and intensity levels and it adapts. The more it adapts, the less benefit you have in the long run – unless you change something in your workouts.


The SAID Principle

The SAID principle – Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demand states that if participants get too comfortable working out at the same levels for too long, they will plateau and stop receiving the benefits of their efforts. When this happens, they can expect to get discouraged by their lack of results and eventually stop attending class. Sound familiar?

With the help our your GRAVITY Coach, you can combat these moments of stagnation with programing that continues to test you, forcing your body to create the change you seek. This is where we need to bring out your inner ‘champion’ and help you succeed.

5 Ways to Combat SAID

Here are five quick and easy ways to avoid SAID and increase your gains through GRAVITY Studio sessions and classes:

Add resistance – when a movement sequence in any of our class formats becomes confortable, increase the level of incline. Even a 2% increase will feel like an additional challenge and provide continued results.

Cross-train –mix it up with TRU:FORM, TRANS:FORM, PER:FORM and even IN:FORM for a totally balanced workout.

Self-measure – in any of our PER:FORM sessions, note your comfort levels on a rate of self-perceived exertion (on a scale of 1-10). Once things get too easy (anything less than a 6), then find a harder class format or challenge yourself again with added resistance.

Use your levers – changing your exercises using our modifications to make exercises more challenging can add to your workout benefits. For example, taking seated exercises to kneeling will increase the resistance and stability challenges.

Use your GRAVITY Coach – they are there to help you. If you’re struggling to get through a set or cycle of exercises, ask for some spotting or help from your Coach. They’ll be impressed you’re pushing yourself towards that point of muscle exhaustion for maximum gains.