A Personal Note from Nick, Studio Owner, Sandy Springs

Hi Atlanta! My name is Nick Simonette, a native of New Orleans, LA and a 20+ year resident (adopted son) of Atlanta.   My path to GRAVITY started many years ago.  This is my story…. So where do I begin?  Let’s just say that for as long as I can recall, health and fitness have been a big part of my life.  As well as searching for something to be a part of that is bigger than me. For the past 20 years I have worked my way through the 3D marketing agency world and most recently (past 7 years) held a position as a VP, Sales executive capacity in a local marketing support agency.  In my professional capacity I had the fortune to be on the forefront of launch brands, new product introductions and a the latest in engagement environments.  A complete blast!  However, something was missing– Meaning.  What was all of this for and how am I impacting the lives of my community?  What am I doing to give to and honor what I hold so deeply – health, fitness and well being?

So enter Tom and Joy Campanaro, 2009.  Inventors of the Total Gym.  From the moment I met them I felt an immediate connection to not only their brand, but to their intent to do more in the world.  One day I was sitting in my office when Joy asked me a questions that shot through me.  It was as though she could see my soul looking for “more” – “Nick, what is the next thing for you?  What is going to fulfill your soul?”  I sat there (nearly) dumbfounded.  I responded “Joy, may I purchase (10) Total Gyms and open a small studio?”  She then cracked a little smile and said “Why don’t you meet with my boys (Tom – husband, and Jesse – son) and share your idea with them?” Not to be too dramatic, but I felt as though I was onto something.  And that something was the thing that I had been searching for my entire professional career.  It was a chance to do something with meaning.  Not to mention being an entrepreneur.  (More on that story as this blog continues)

Fast forward, it’s 2014. GRAVITY is becoming a reality.  Over the course of the past 6 months things have started to gain momentum.  Not to mention that I’ve been recording little milestones along the way – space selection (City Walk Shopping Center at the corner of Roswell Rd / Hammond Dr), signing leases (EEK doesn’t get anymore “real” than that.), interior design finalization, website, business license etc.  It has been a great experience thus far.  Now we just need you to come check it out.  I invite you to come take a “test ride” in our studio preview office, or come for our soft opening- classes starting June 9th, 2014 at 227 Sandy Springs Place, Suite 510 in the Kroger – City Walk Shopping Center.  I look forward to meeting you and learning how GRAVITY can support your personal goals!